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Monday, May 01, 2006


is it me or is it boring!!!!!!!

anyways............ now tht the schl holidaez are over i am soo bord
today was my 1st day back and it sukd!
imagine this! ... 1st period

i walked into my maths class room 7 ... dah dah dah !!! ....
it wasnt my room.. oops my bad! they sed to try room 8 evry1 laughed at me an my mate! but the thing is that was my class last term so how was i suppose to no?!
lol that was embaressen! :) but funny at the same time ... we wer 2 mins late to class and the stupid releaver made us go an get a late pass!
that sukd soo much! lol and then at interval evrything became normal agen!
so tht was all gud and then after schl i went to katys and then walked home soo
tht was real boring! but anyways i duno wat to say so il let ya go


xXx <3 SaShA


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