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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stupid problems I don’t need them!
Well this week I Av been totally confused aye, i have been in the middle of so many things like my best friend and my other mate got in a fight and they made me choose friends but I wouldn’t so now that I didn’t they are like your not a good friend then are yah! Then I just got so mad and walked away b4 i said smithing stupid! Man it just annoys me when friends do that.
Well anyway i am so over family at the moment I think I have taken in as much as i possibly can. Let’s just say I have problems!
i try to get rid of them a new one is just waiting down the corner it really bugs me, the other day i just wanted to scream when my nephew hit me I wanted to hit him back but i heard something in my head say no! That’s the wrong thing to do!
(i think it was god speaking to me) i have never ever felt that angry b4 but after god telling me that i calmed down and smiled even that was weird! Now i no that god does work in mysterious ways then my nephew looked at me and laughed at me I just turned around and went outside I went for a half hour walk thinking about what I am going to do. Anyway I came to a solution and it worked out! I want to thank god for helping me out in that situation…
I just haven’t been feeling myself lately. And that is very weird I just felt really different. Like I was living a life in slow motion it kind of freaked me out and I just wanted someone to talk to, but I guess I had no1 except god and I was to afraid to pray to him but when I finally did I felt better. I learnt that not all Christians are perfect and if I ever have another problem I no the guy to talk to that’s god 

Man I am so excited to go to Eastercamp the last Eastercamp was life changing for me so I can just about imagine what it is going to be like this year man I am just so excited and cant wait 

Take care everyone and have a good day\week\month

Love Sasha


  • At 12:37 PM, Blogger amy said…

    Hey Sash, I'm proud of you for going to God first to talk about your problems aye. That's so cool God spoke to you & helped you out.

    I hope things get betta with your friends + your famdamily.

    Please know I'm here if you want to chat or whateva :)

  • At 4:04 PM, Blogger godsgirl said…

    Hey Sash. I am here to chat too, however, I do understand that you would rather talk to some people rather than others. I'm also glad that you talked to God first and thats really kewl that he is the person that you can talk to no matter what :)

  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger Warwick Tomlinson said…

    aint it great to hear from God directly, good that you were listening shows awesome maturity.

    May God bless you heaps.

  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger Rayd said…

    Everyone does get confused at some time or another in their life. Nothing makes sense and you just want to get some answers. Last week I was so confused i wouldn't have been surprised if the rapture came. But the good thing is the world does stop shaking, the earthquake subsides, when you talk to people about it. Let them offer something for you to refocus on. Cos the's all in your head. Lucky for us Opawa is full of people who like to help and i'm sure you know who to ask if you ever want it, there will never be a shortage of people with ears willing to listen Sasha.


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