Guided By Light

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


well, it wasm awsum it started like we mucked around 4
a while made sum houses out of card board and
watchd a couple of movies......
it was quite cool, getting to hang with every1 and not
worrying about stupid problems.the next morning was good i got woken up lol
its ok anna!!!!
and thn we went to church. 3 guys i no came to they were annoying and went up stairs and jummped around and stuff they must hav like no respect at all
but never mind. i had fun and that was the main thing!!!

I WANT TO SAY ........

thanks so much to all the ppl that sponsered me i am very greatful
i raised around $350 i think that should help out a lot so if u hav sponsered me and havnt got hold of me to give the money add me:
or mayb talk to amy hay (hpe ya dnt mind amz)

well thanks agen and il tlk too u anthr tym bye bye

love sasha


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