Guided By Light

Monday, February 20, 2006


hey guys well,
guess what!

i think u can tell by the title~!

its ma birthday! well it is on saturday!
(and logans too) ~he stole my bday~
i had it 1st lol.

well actually i am not that excited about my birthday!
i am turning 14 finally not doing anything special with my famdamly
tha only thing i am doing is hangn wiv youth group...........
so.... um yeah i gues its just anothr day

my mum has 3 birthdays this week all 1 day apart
it goes like this: "dads-23rd,mine-25th,brother shanes-27th"

its quite random actually

well anyway not much else more to say i dont want any thing 4 my birthday bcoz wat i wantd i already brought lol (trusty jobs)

and yeah?********************************************

sorry i am not that sure on what to say!
i am not going to school tomro if ur wundering why i am up so late at 1:50am!
um john amy and blake moved out so that is 3 ppl less im sad actually its gng to b different with out tha lil boy around im gng to miss him
but i deffinantly wont miss my brothers feet! lol just jokes! (;

so that means tha ppl that live here nw r
mum,dad,me,mandy,shane,nicali and zara
just waiting 4 shane to go nw (dnt tel him i said that)
i just am over sharing a room with a 6yr old
i go mad wen i get waked up at like 6:30am every morning! i mean ppl do need a sleep in especially ppl hu go to school and work!
i need a break frm here i wish my sis kelly wud let me stay there 4
a while that wud b awsum!
wen i heard my mum say that i nearlly cryd!
i hav been waitning 4 tha sleep out 4 ages its soo unfair

wel anyway at the moment i am geting sponsers 4 the 40 hour famine
so if any1 would like to sponser me please let me no!
today wil b the 2nd day of me collecting thm, i am thanking all the ppl
who hav sponserd me so far i hav $112 (only frm 1 day at church of collecting money!)
imagine what that can do 4 tha ppl hu really need it!
last yr at church i won the prize 4 tha person to raise the most money! i raised $110
and look i am $2 over so i am doing good
this year i am not trying to win tha most amunt of money
i am just going to try to get money even if its just a little bit for the children who really need it. they hav been suffering long enough!

so if any1 is willing to sponser me who yet hasnt pleaase let me no!
bkoz i am excited to get the money bk. i wish we could right letters to ppl over there and they write bk. that would be kool.

anyway i better get going now ok

cya "love sasha"

Thursday, February 09, 2006

hey read dis!!!

Hey, man its boring….
Oh man what to do what to do…
There are a lot of things in life that are weird, like us, we are weird...
I mean in life the average human is usually at school learning or at work, obviously Working. Some people just don’t understand that life should be lived to the full!
You only get one and what’s the point on not living it to the full?
Some people take things for granted now that is a non-living thing.
I think that if you are on earth you are very lucky! Lucky to be on earth doing the things that we do. At times when I am by myself I think of all these things at a slow speed.
Wondering why we are on earth and not Mars or on Pluto. Why Earth? Why not one of the other planets? Anyway…
The reason of living is a good thing! To be what you want to be, when you want to be.
Man I think that being Christian opens up my life, it says who I am without people judging me in a bad way. I think that if people want to become a better person than Jesus is the answer, he can help people and forgive their sins… I hope that if anyone out there needs help they should talk to a youth leader or something… my youth leader is great (Amy you no who you are!)…If I didn’t start going to OBY then I think that I wouldn’t be who I am today, so I am thanking everybody who helped me become me! And there is help available for anybody!
So you people shouldn’t waste the time! You only live on earth once remember.
So if you are reading my blog and you understand the way I feel about Christians and that’s what you wana be then don’t be afraid! Don’t be scared to try it! It’s well worth it at the end!

Thanks a lot for reading my blog I hope that I didn’t affend anyone!

Lots of love Sasha (-: