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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Hey guys!
Lately I haven’t been keeping up the blog‘s
Its been quite busy at my family home,
And when I say busy I mean busy!!!
At home we have my brother john, his gf Amy,
Their baby Blake, my sister Mandy, my brother
Shane, my nephew Nicali, my niece Zara and my mother… Than there is my beautiful dog and my birdie who is named tweety birdie busta.
So there is like 10 people that’s including me!
Imagine how many people my mum has to cook for.
Man I have been trying to help out but its just not possible. I always get told off or something.
Man I am so glad that I work, that’s the only place
I can be away from my “mad house”….
I think that I have just about had enough honestly!
I need my own space instead of sharing a small room with the most annoyingest little 6 year old that wakes me up at like 5 in the morning!! Man that is so early!.
Now that’s why sleep in until the afternoon (Andrew)!!!
…well to most people that wouldn’t sound that bad, but it really is… see it this way:
( a 13yr old going on 14) - “u should know what I mean if you are my age”.
Well anyway there is a long story to why those kids are living at my house and I don’t think that any1 would actually want to no.
The saying “FRIENDS are forever BOYS are whatever”
Is a really cool saying and I go by that.
But unfortunately some of my closest friends do not.
Its pretty sad, really I thought that my friend thought the same too. But perhaps I got that one wrong!!!
It confuses me actually. Who would actually want to choose a boyfriend without friends?…
Well maybe one of my friends??? I’m not going to be finishing our friendship just because of a boy. Now that would be pretty silly!!!!!!!!
Well I think that you have heard to much of my stupid life. Sometimes I wish I could just get away from it all.
Live somewhere else. Maybe with my sister Kelly
But she has her own life to live. With god by my side I hope that I can get through this hard time of my life

Ok, cya l8a

Love, ~Sasha~

DaNieL CaRteR rUleS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(He is the best rugby player ever!)
Plus hes good looking!!!!
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha lol”


  • At 4:52 PM, Blogger jess moore said…

    hello sasha you must have a big family somtimes its hard to get your voice heard. i didnt no you had a job wot kind of job is it. sounds like your been really busy.i cant believe i havent see you for like 3 months i cant wait 2 see you in february im coming down on the 3rd of feb.

  • At 3:07 PM, Blogger godsgirl said…

    Hey Sash. I'm always sad that I don't have a big family cuz there's not much people to fall back on for support, or to love in that matter. However, after reading your blog I think I'm going to appreciate my little family a bit more ;) Would you have thought that that job would have been a place of escape?!?!? God really does work in mysterious ways lol. *HUGS*

  • At 10:38 PM, Blogger Sasha said…

    thanx guys! yay jess ul b bk 4 my bdae! lol
    25th of feb whoop whooop!!!!


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