Guided By Light

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Hey guys long time scince i have updated lol
not really much to say except ...
i have a job lol not sayn were and neither wil any1 else hu nos
okay okay!!!
anyway 4 xmas i got a computer frm my sister so nw i can update all the time
anyway frm my mummy and daddy i got a dvd player and sum other stuff but anyway they were my fav presents.

At the moment i have my niece and nephew stayn at home, long story and you wouldnt want to no why aye!!!

well anyway i am sharing a room with my niece which is squashy....
so my computer is in the lounge were every1 can c wat i am typing
it kinda sucks, really .
well, theres not much i can do really... except grin and bare it really. hpefully it wont b 4 long lol