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Sunday, November 06, 2005

fun night!!!!

Tonight was awsum!!!,
We went to the sands house for a bombfire,IT WAS REALLY GOOD.
Double A built the actual indian house thingy him self the heat was amazing.
And youd never guess wat else happend ................Randall got a stick of some type and poked it through a moth,toasted it thn........HE ATE IT!!!!!!
That was discusting anway after the sands house we went to jess's that includes
(me adelle,bates,gary,aliesha,andrew,jarad,and jess ofcourse)
we went bk 2 her house 4 at least 20 mins thn every1 lft except me bkoz i am speacial lol nah
i stayd tha night its wickd here!!!

anyway i really enjoys myself and had a gr8 time.

i think we shuld hng out more oftn

okay well il keep up the postings love ya all'

"love sasha"


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