Guided By Light

Monday, November 28, 2005


Hey guys!!!!!

well at the moment life is a little tough.
this girl at my church is causing some destress for me.
tha thing is im going through a lot of things at the moment and this is the time i need god the most!!!!!

well if this girl is reading this just lay off a little.
i am thinking about maybe loving churches well i dont wont to but it might be a good idea.....

i want to thank steve for helping me organise a meadiation meeting
acompanied by lyn taylor and roanna.

I hope that every thing goes ok.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

just 4 anna

Hey this is wat Anna saked 4...........

She wntd me to write a post about Nick Ngatoru
well for starters i am going out with him.

Hes got brown hair and bluish browish eyes they r really kool.
any way hes not maori its just his last name but he is tanned.
he is a cristian and is currently not gng to a church at the mo.
ppl want me to bring him to our church, but sum1 will embaress me lol...
I wunda who thatl b?????? (andrew!!!!!) s0000 mayb another time thn.
but nick is really awsum ae. cnt wait 4 ppl 2 meet him.

okay well cya l8a

"love sasha"

Sunday, November 06, 2005

fun night!!!!

Tonight was awsum!!!,
We went to the sands house for a bombfire,IT WAS REALLY GOOD.
Double A built the actual indian house thingy him self the heat was amazing.
And youd never guess wat else happend ................Randall got a stick of some type and poked it through a moth,toasted it thn........HE ATE IT!!!!!!
That was discusting anway after the sands house we went to jess's that includes
(me adelle,bates,gary,aliesha,andrew,jarad,and jess ofcourse)
we went bk 2 her house 4 at least 20 mins thn every1 lft except me bkoz i am speacial lol nah
i stayd tha night its wickd here!!!

anyway i really enjoys myself and had a gr8 time.

i think we shuld hng out more oftn

okay well il keep up the postings love ya all'

"love sasha"

Friday, November 04, 2005

ha ha ha

You guys! id never not stop blogging lol

well guess what.......
my brothers girlfriend is due any day now yay a new baby (naming it blake)
man i cant wait to be an aunty again IM NOT GETTING OLD THO!

well im at school now its gay like always man i cant wait to go home !!!!
on saturday is gng to b tha bomb fire yaaaayyy!!!!!!!!!1 cant wait well gta go now im in trouble oh no!! bye bye x0xx0x0x0

frm sasha :)