Guided By Light

Monday, October 31, 2005

Im back now!

Hey guys!
sorry i havent posted in a while.........
ive been busy well sort of anyway!!!!!!!
Well anyway australia was great i went to movie world,
Actually i thought australia was gona be better. not that i am complaning or
anything but you know lol. i had a blast tho. I do have photos if you ask me i might
let you see them.........

School is really boaring at the moment. im at school now hopefully i dont get caught!!!!.

well il keep tha postings up (i am posting warwick!).

Amy hay we all miss you lots and lots i love your blog
Take care amz love sashie x0x0x0

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Last sunday was the last time that i saw amy hay untill next year. It was very sad. It was the most hardest thing ever to do. Because i had to say goodbye to her before i went auz.I see amy as a big sister to me. Because she has been a big influence on my life and helped me become who i am today (a cristian). I will miss her so much. Church wont be the same without her. (luckily i have roanna and the crew eg. aliesha, adelle, andrew, jess, jasmine, kate, randall, logan, lydia, jaimee) and all the rest to hang with. AND I CANT FORGET WARICK LOL.