Guided By Light

Monday, May 01, 2006


is it me or is it boring!!!!!!!

anyways............ now tht the schl holidaez are over i am soo bord
today was my 1st day back and it sukd!
imagine this! ... 1st period

i walked into my maths class room 7 ... dah dah dah !!! ....
it wasnt my room.. oops my bad! they sed to try room 8 evry1 laughed at me an my mate! but the thing is that was my class last term so how was i suppose to no?!
lol that was embaressen! :) but funny at the same time ... we wer 2 mins late to class and the stupid releaver made us go an get a late pass!
that sukd soo much! lol and then at interval evrything became normal agen!
so tht was all gud and then after schl i went to katys and then walked home soo
tht was real boring! but anyways i duno wat to say so il let ya go


xXx <3 SaShA

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


(Sasha) hey can u smell dat?????????

(Anna) umm smell what?

(Sasha) smellz like Up Dogg

(Anna) Whats Up Dogg!!???

(Sasha) Wasssuuppppp dooggg!!!!

man i am halieeeeerioussslllyy funny!!!

haha i got dat off a guy frm easter camp his name was Jesse lol!!

and evry1 remember!!!!!!! Sasha + Anna = LEGENDZ!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hey! …

I no I haven’t written a blog in a while but I haven’t had the time and yeah. So anyway I thought that I would write one, but the thing is I’m not sure what I want to write about so um yea … I went to Eastercamp and I thought that it was the best ever it ROCKED. Except I didn’t want to go to bed it was a little too early for me (12pm) but hey I went in the end… I made a lot of friend’s guys and girls this one chick I met, she had her birthday there and turned 15 but to be honest she didn’t look that Young… I thought she might be around the age of 16-17, she was real cool well from what I thought of her lol. I found a relative there *my brother inlaw … not that we were actually related but o’wel we are now lol. He was Roannas boyfriend I thought he was pretty cool! . Another thing was that the Worship team was so extremely good I am going to get the cd.
On like the 2nd night me and Anna went to the dance tent and when they made everyone go to bed we were walking back to our tent and I said “hi my name is Sasha” to this guy, he replied hi my name is Nigel (it was pretty funny) anyway we were talking 4 about 2 mins then he just said that he got dumped and me and Anna felt sorry 4 him but then we went to our tent after a while of talking 2 him… the next night we decided that we wanted to go dancing again so we grabbed Jaimee and took her with us. While we were dancing we saw Nigel and said “hello” then he started dancing with us it was pretty funny! The last night there was a dance thing happening outside and guess who we saw again…. Haha Nigel he put his arm around me on the song “hey…hey...Baby” lol and then sung it to Anna and me and we were like um? Okay… but anyway we carried on dancing and Nigel took off somewhere but then this real huge guy came up to me and did the same thing and I was like WOAH! Man get away from me! And I walked off and Anna and Jaimee followed. Haha it was so weird I was freaked out but laughing bout it at the same time. But anyway we started dancing with some Goths it was pretty wack coz they were a bit weird but it was also funny and did you know how many hot guys there were there jus like 3… Josh, Tom and Luke. Haha it was funny coz we met Josh out side the guys toilet while we were stalling to go to bed *cough-cough* and he was eating cereal and offered us some… but anyway we also met Luke there too. We jus chatted to him 4 like 5mins.
BUT… we met Tom when we were talking to Marshal and he introduced us to him it was cool coz they were planning stuff to do during the night which I am not going to say… well anyway I cant be bothered typing any more but it was awesome! AND JUST SO PEOPLE DON’T GET THE WRONG IDEA I DIDN’T GO TO EASTERCAMP BECAUSE OF THE GUYS!
Eastercamp actually taught me a lot this year

xXx <3 Sasha

Sunday, March 26, 2006

things i dunt no wat to du with.........


um it started on friday afternoon, (teachers only day)
i was on msn and my mate hanna stayed the thurs so she was still at my house
anyway i was on msn and i was takling to this guy named (......) lol
and he was board and wanted to meet me and hanna at eastgate thn go to
the Palms after that before me and hann left my mate ashley rang and i decided to
get her to meet us there too. and aparently she was on msn too and was talkin
to dis guy jayden and she tld him to meet us there to so when we all meetd up it was funny! so anyway we went to the palms then to eastg8 and while we were @ eastg8...
we sat down out side farmers and sam kept txtn me lol
then wen i had to go he still txtd me even while i was at work and i thought
...ya no hes jus a mate so hu cares... but thn he askd me out and i didnt no howi felt i was like um?? i dunno! ...i actually didnt no if i wantd to or not so i sed il think bout it now i needa think harder so i dnt keep him waiting
man its wierd i was shockd in wat my feelings were like i no its normal though.
im jus 14 du i need a bf? lol i dnt hav a clue but this is sumthing i needa think
about............. yeah! well that is one thing
my mind has gone completely blank aye i duno wat els to say....

well i myt as well go nw kk

cya xXx

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


well, it wasm awsum it started like we mucked around 4
a while made sum houses out of card board and
watchd a couple of movies......
it was quite cool, getting to hang with every1 and not
worrying about stupid problems.the next morning was good i got woken up lol
its ok anna!!!!
and thn we went to church. 3 guys i no came to they were annoying and went up stairs and jummped around and stuff they must hav like no respect at all
but never mind. i had fun and that was the main thing!!!

I WANT TO SAY ........

thanks so much to all the ppl that sponsered me i am very greatful
i raised around $350 i think that should help out a lot so if u hav sponsered me and havnt got hold of me to give the money add me:
or mayb talk to amy hay (hpe ya dnt mind amz)

well thanks agen and il tlk too u anthr tym bye bye

love sasha

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stupid problems I don’t need them!
Well this week I Av been totally confused aye, i have been in the middle of so many things like my best friend and my other mate got in a fight and they made me choose friends but I wouldn’t so now that I didn’t they are like your not a good friend then are yah! Then I just got so mad and walked away b4 i said smithing stupid! Man it just annoys me when friends do that.
Well anyway i am so over family at the moment I think I have taken in as much as i possibly can. Let’s just say I have problems!
i try to get rid of them a new one is just waiting down the corner it really bugs me, the other day i just wanted to scream when my nephew hit me I wanted to hit him back but i heard something in my head say no! That’s the wrong thing to do!
(i think it was god speaking to me) i have never ever felt that angry b4 but after god telling me that i calmed down and smiled even that was weird! Now i no that god does work in mysterious ways then my nephew looked at me and laughed at me I just turned around and went outside I went for a half hour walk thinking about what I am going to do. Anyway I came to a solution and it worked out! I want to thank god for helping me out in that situation…
I just haven’t been feeling myself lately. And that is very weird I just felt really different. Like I was living a life in slow motion it kind of freaked me out and I just wanted someone to talk to, but I guess I had no1 except god and I was to afraid to pray to him but when I finally did I felt better. I learnt that not all Christians are perfect and if I ever have another problem I no the guy to talk to that’s god 

Man I am so excited to go to Eastercamp the last Eastercamp was life changing for me so I can just about imagine what it is going to be like this year man I am just so excited and cant wait 

Take care everyone and have a good day\week\month

Love Sasha

Monday, February 20, 2006


hey guys well,
guess what!

i think u can tell by the title~!

its ma birthday! well it is on saturday!
(and logans too) ~he stole my bday~
i had it 1st lol.

well actually i am not that excited about my birthday!
i am turning 14 finally not doing anything special with my famdamly
tha only thing i am doing is hangn wiv youth group...........
so.... um yeah i gues its just anothr day

my mum has 3 birthdays this week all 1 day apart
it goes like this: "dads-23rd,mine-25th,brother shanes-27th"

its quite random actually

well anyway not much else more to say i dont want any thing 4 my birthday bcoz wat i wantd i already brought lol (trusty jobs)

and yeah?********************************************

sorry i am not that sure on what to say!
i am not going to school tomro if ur wundering why i am up so late at 1:50am!
um john amy and blake moved out so that is 3 ppl less im sad actually its gng to b different with out tha lil boy around im gng to miss him
but i deffinantly wont miss my brothers feet! lol just jokes! (;

so that means tha ppl that live here nw r
mum,dad,me,mandy,shane,nicali and zara
just waiting 4 shane to go nw (dnt tel him i said that)
i just am over sharing a room with a 6yr old
i go mad wen i get waked up at like 6:30am every morning! i mean ppl do need a sleep in especially ppl hu go to school and work!
i need a break frm here i wish my sis kelly wud let me stay there 4
a while that wud b awsum!
wen i heard my mum say that i nearlly cryd!
i hav been waitning 4 tha sleep out 4 ages its soo unfair

wel anyway at the moment i am geting sponsers 4 the 40 hour famine
so if any1 would like to sponser me please let me no!
today wil b the 2nd day of me collecting thm, i am thanking all the ppl
who hav sponserd me so far i hav $112 (only frm 1 day at church of collecting money!)
imagine what that can do 4 tha ppl hu really need it!
last yr at church i won the prize 4 tha person to raise the most money! i raised $110
and look i am $2 over so i am doing good
this year i am not trying to win tha most amunt of money
i am just going to try to get money even if its just a little bit for the children who really need it. they hav been suffering long enough!

so if any1 is willing to sponser me who yet hasnt pleaase let me no!
bkoz i am excited to get the money bk. i wish we could right letters to ppl over there and they write bk. that would be kool.

anyway i better get going now ok

cya "love sasha"